I feel that one of the problems we’ve had resolving some of our previous disagreements about what buildings would house our schooling is that, metaphorically speaking, we’ve put the cart before the horse. By that I mean, we did not first consider, as a community, what our educational priorities were.

I believe that if we had an opportunity to collectively consider and to agree on what we wanted to teach and how, we might have had an easier time considering what type of environment would be best for educating our young. In other words, had we decided that horseback riding was the way to prepare our students for tomorrow a majority of us would probably agree that building stables might be the best thing to do.

I realize that the state and the federal governments have a lot to do with determining what kind of curriculum we need to follow, but not as much as they used to. So we should decide what kinds of facilities might enhance the environments within which our students learn.

So, I propose creating a meeting for as many of us who are interested, to discuss our district’s priorities for education. If you are interested in this idea, want to come to a meeting and desire to be still involved you can respond to me: www.MarcJoelLevitt@gmail.com. Please suggest whether or not we should meet through Zoom and/or in person. I’d rather do it with both options so that we can actually look at each other as we listen and respond to one another. Please also suggest some we might physically meet.

This will be a discussion about what we want our town’s children to learn and how. Please no discussion of cutting this funding or that. It simply isn’t valuable at this time and would distract us from our first priority. There will be time to consider costs.Remember, this is only the first step in a longer journey. I believe that embarking on this effort will be unique in the nation and if any community it is unique and if any community can heal itself, I believe it is ours!

 I look forward to hearing back and to working together. I believe that we have a great opportunity to create something special.

Marc Levitt


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