After a very disheartening Narragansett Town Council meeting that dealt with the relocation of the Narragansett Library to the old IGA/Belmont building, I entered the library staff in the Reader’s Digest Nicest Places in America contest for 2019.

In my entry I emphasized how in the midst of such negativity the librarians continue to display enthusiasm, kindness, and professionalism. In the entry I mentioned how I had donated my mother’s chair to the library as I considered it to be an extra special place. Each state had a winner and the Maury Loontjens Memorial Library was chosen as the Rhode Island state winner. Sadly this award has yet to be recognized by the town council as other group achievements have been.

In voting to pick the nicest place in all of America the library fared well, placing in the top five. So many library supporters from many communities and states helped bring our smallest state to that level.

Recently my mother’s chair received a delivery. The delivery person said the anonymous donor sent the message that the basket was for the chair and that the person who donated it would know what it meant. Inside were two stuffed unicorns.

A thank you to the donor for this gift, but it was a puzzle to the staff and me. Slowly a message started to evolve as unicorns seemed to be turning up everywhere around me. While shopping with my grandson for an ornament he found a lone unicorn and asked if we could get it for the unicorn basket at the library. As I entered a local store they were unpacking jumbo sized unicorns and at another there were unicorn balloons.

Unicorns are said to represent a mystical message of hope and miracles. So perhaps the library unicorns are a symbol of hope and miracles for the library supporters. That after 10 years of extensive research by the library board and staff they will see the library move to the old IGA/Belmont location. That there will be a library where our award winning staff can shine and deliver even more programs, events, and services to the town of Narragansett.

After all it is the season to believe.

Suzan Amoruso


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