Aquaculture, and especially oyster farming in the Wickford area, has a long history of commercial, small business, activity that has, does, and should continue be allowed to prosper. Just as the Hurricane of 1938 wiped out the Wickford oyster industry in an instant, now comes a new ‘hurricane’ of the few, vocal, property owners in Tiverton who object to a new oyster farm in the bay. How short-sighted this viewpoint is. The objections seem to be to be petty and superficial. The CRMC permit application appears to be thoughtful and minimally-invasive. It’s just stunning to me that people would object to 1) a small business expansion, 2) increased seafood production, 3) and a cleaner bay (one oyster filters ~55 gallons of seawater daily).

I hope the CRMC will allow this Tiverton permit application and to look favorably on all future aquaculture applications that follow the rules and regulations for our beloved bay.

Jim Roehm

North Kingstown

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