As we sit in our living rooms mourning the death of society as we know it, we can celebrate all the triumphs life had to offer: going out to a restaurant with family and friends, casually going to the mall without a worry in the world, celebrating birthdays, going to concerts, attending classes in lecture halls, or even having the time of our lives as we wandered around the city with friends. Now, in the wake of society’s demise, we are all forced to lift our veil of innocence and accept its descendant: New Society.

Most have lived a great life in society. Moreover, with every opportunity that was given to us or even if we had to use stamina to receive it, we did it anyway. Life does not last forever. With that being said, it is vital that we cherish the moments and opportunities that society has offered us before they are unfortunately gone. We miss you dearly departed society.

When society was blooming like spring flowers, my Nana and her friends at the assisted living facility were able to do all the joyous things life consists of. My dad and I would make our way to see her every Sunday, but we would never know what her location was because of the social butterfly she is. She would either be playing a game of bingo with her friends or waiting for the arrival of her ice cream in her comfortable red armchair. We would love to chat about things we did in the past, such as going to the movies. This was considered normal. A normal life where all we had to worry about was the simple things. However, as we sit in denial in our rooms because we are not allowed to leave, it is time to consider how we are going to be able to implement factors of our previous lives into the new “normal”.

Now, solitary confinement defines existence in New Society as we are birds trapped in our own personal cages. Moreover, there is no time left for anyone to spread their wings to be with their families. Locked up. They are confined to their own boundaries where it seems like there are only the necessities to survive: a bed, bathroom, television, and food. The birds are no longer able to leave to get their own food; instead, they must wait for the feeder to deliver the food so that they can continue to survive.

Just as we all wait for a moment to flourish in life, the birds are waiting for the moment when they will be reborn into the ways of our fallen society.

What we consider normal is gone for now. We all will cherish what we are most thankful for, and it will allow us to remember the value of what it means to be together in the same space within society. Thank you society for giving us all a backbone. This strength, with hope and faith, are the only means for survival and growth in New Society.

Julia Cierpich

Charlton, Mass.

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