So, the progressive Democrat majority on the North Kingstown Town Council has declared June as “Gun Violence Awareness Month”. Gee, I feel safer already, don’t you?

This is another meaningless, empty gesture so important to liberals. Feelings and emotions above facts and logic.

The Moms Demanding Action and RI Coalition Against Gun Violence are giving each other high fives and doing their happy dance. The General Assembly leadership and the progressive bloc finally succeeded in passing three gun control measures that Governor McKee signed this week.

The first prohibits the carrying a loaded rifle or shotgun in public unless you are hunting. I’d say the Second Amendment community does not have a problem with that.

Next up is increasing the age to buy any firearm to 21 or older. The problem with this is the Ninth Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, probably the most liberal circuit court, has already ruled that the same law in California is unconstitutional. But, hey, score one for the gun control crowd.

Finally, we have the much sought after ban on “ammunition feeding devices” that hold more than 10 rounds. This bill escaped from the House Judiciary Committee on the ex officio votes of the Speaker and Majority Leader. Otherwise it would have been dead on a tie vote.

Over on the Senate side the Judiciary Committee did kill their “hi-cap mag” bill on a 6-6 vote. The Senate President who had pledged to pass it found with the assistance of the Majority Leader an arcane procedural rule that had not been invoked for over 60 years. This rule allows a floor vote in the Senate on a bill that was sent over from the House provided it has not been amended.

Attorney General Nehrona rushed a letter to Smith Hill claiming that if these dreaded magazines were grandfathered in for those who presently own them, the law would be meaningless. He ignored the fact that similar bans in Connecticut and Massachusetts did allow these magazines to be retained by existing owners. Note that the anti-gunners often point to the gun control laws in those neighboring states as models.

Can anyone explain why 10 rounds are safe and 11 are deadly?

The law makes anyone who possesses a magazine holding more than ten rounds after 180 days a felon subject to five years in prison and a five thousand dollar fine. It makes no provision for compensating owners of these devices that must be turned over to police or destroyed. This includes firearms dealers who have large inventories of “hi-cap mags” that cannot be returned to distributors or manufacturers. Their only option is to sell them at a deep discount on the internet in the majority of states that allow them.

AG Nehrona acknowledged the day after the bill passed that it is likely to be challenged in court as a taking of private property by the government without compensation. He conveniently ignored the court case pending in the Washington State on this very claim.

Don’t relax yet gun control folks.

Richard J. August

North Kingstown

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