The vote for the South Kingstown school bond is set for May 4, 2021. In September of 1988 the Town Council and School Committee met with an independent consultant who reported on the condition and future of SK’s schools. He was asked what he would do if he were in their seats. His answer was to look at replacing the high school that was built in 1954. A new high school has been talked about for many years. The town purchased the Dimon property that is now the Curtis Corner Playfields as a potential site. The land where The Village at South County Commons is located was looked at as a site for a school complex.  Instead, one of the two additions to the high school was built. Several years later when Broad Rock Middle School was being proposed a new high school was also on the minds of town officials. A plan was presented to build Broad Rock Middle School with the core facilities of a high school. After a predicted decrease in the school population Broad Rock would be converted into a high school. Before and during construction, cutbacks were made and plans were changed. We were left with a beautiful middle school but without the core facilities of a high school.

Along with upgrading all of our schools, we now have the opportunity to do what has been talked about for a lifetime. Our town leaders have told us that we can afford this project with an unprecedented reimbursement of 50% or up to 46 million dollars from the State of Rhode Island.  Keep our children in the South Kingstown Schools and bring back those that have left! Vote you conscience on May 4. I will vote to approve.

Bob Cavanagh


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