Sometime this month, Dr. Jeffrey Joseph will deliver a baby for the last time, after 28 years at the forefront of Women’s Health Care at South County Hospital. Jeff will be continuing to practice gynecology (women’s healthcare and surgery) in Westerly, as part of the Yale health care system.

Dr. Joseph returned to his native Rhode Island in 1993, joining a private practice at South County Hospital after completing training at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Mass. He has since been employed in the hospital’s South County Medical Group. He also provided women’s healthcare at Thundermist Health Center.

Jeff Joseph exemplified leadership and teamwork throughout his career at South County Hospital. Colleagues describe him as calm and affable, with a quiet sense of humor, always eager to help out and slow to complain. He was a helpful and appreciated teacher to providers in his own group as well as in other departments with which he worked, such as the emergency room. A colleague said that Jeff had a habit of “magically appearing” to take care of a situation when one of his patients wound up in the ER with a complex issue. For many years, he arranged for outside speakers to come to the Obstetrical department’s monthly meetings, enhancing his colleagues’ knowledge base and their connections to sub-specialists in the field. He was always open to learning about and helping to implement new programs, such as the Gentle C-Section Initiative. Jeff spearheaded regular skills drills to help prepare staff to handle obstetrical emergencies. Dr. Joseph also served in a number of official roles throughout his South County career, including Department Chief and Women’s Health Medical Director. Jeff has worked cooperatively with a growing team that now includes physicians, neonatal nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, and certified lactation consultants, while living and working through two redesigns and renovations of the Labor and Delivery suite.

Jeff practiced obstetrics long enough to have delivered several children of patients whom he had once delivered himself. Most notably, in 2018 he delivered a baby to a couple, both of whom he had delivered on the same day in 1994! He once delivered 10 boys in a row, and had a separate streak of 10 girls in a row. Altogether, he has delivered over 3,000 babies at South County Hospital.

Jeff brought several new skills to South County Hospital. These included total  laparoscopic hysterectomy (minimally invasive surgery to remove the uterus through a small incision); breech versions (turning a baby from breech position to allow delivery without C-section); and endometrial ablations (treating the uterus to stop recurrent bleeding). He was known for his special talent for performing circumcisions.

Outside the hospital, Jeff has been an avid boater and is known as an excellent athlete, with a passion for surfing, hiking and skiing. He is a devoted family man, and a good friend to many.

It is not uncommon for team leaders, in the medical world as in the sports world, (think Brady and Manning!) to “switch teams” in the later phases of their careers. Dr. Jeff Joseph will always be remembered and appreciated for his 28 years as an MVP with our South County Hospital home team.

Neil Brandon, MD

South County Hospital Cardiology

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