As an SK resident I have a studied the upcoming $85 million school bond vote very carefully.  I have followed the process intently, attended community meetings, read all of the documents, and corresponded with officials at RIDE to learn more so I could vote thoughtfully.

Throughout the process there has been false information pushed into the community by an out-of-state marketing firm. One brazen example was the recent release of statements from elected and formally elected school officials, and the superintendent, that the regional accreditation of the high school is at risk of failure if the bond did not pass. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I am an accreditation consultant and work with schools seeking various accreditations.  One of the accrediting bodies of SK schools is “NEASC”.  Recently a virtual visit was paid to the school by the accrediting team.  During that virtual visit, called the “self-study,” a school is required to self-identify deficiencies and present plans to correct.  Various maintenance items were self-identified by school officials and presented to the accreditors in the virtual visit with the bond presented as the “plan” to correct deficiencies. Nowhere, not in one sentence or mention, was there any discussion of failure to accredit if the bond did not pass. The only requirement if the bond does not pass is that the schools define plans to correct programmatic and building deficiencies.  NEASC does not ever insert itself into a local political campaign.

The narrative posted by the current chair of the school committee, the superintendent, and others is a fear tactic meant to frighten families and community members. These fear tactics lead me to question all of the information being thrust into this community and question the truth. The false information being thrust upon this community means this poorly thought out plan cannot be supported by facts.

I am voting no for this and many other reasons.

Joslin B. Leasca


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