Word to the wise, don’t ask me about my electric car! Really, ask anyone who knows me, I will ask you how much time you have. I love my car.

Not only is it fuel-efficient and better for the planet, but it is also fun, fast, and quiet. It makes virtually no sound. My second love is running. Recently I was running on South Road and it occurred to me that if an electric car came from behind I would not hear it. COVID has created a world where exercise is more important than ever. Keeping fit both mentally and physically is a priority, and COVID has stripped many runners of options for indoor treadmills and gyms.

With snow on the sidewalks, there are limited options for runners to feed their positive exercise habits. We have been forced to turn to the roads. As an electric car owner and runner, I’d like to caution runners, walkers, bikers and EV owners about the real possibility of someone getting hurt. Runners, please be aware, pay attention, and do not rely on the sounds of the cars before crossing the street or jutting out to avoid a puddle. EV drivers, remember they cannot hear you coming, be hyper-aware when passing pedestrians and others who share the road.

Take care and be alert because although EV cars are emerging from the auto market with a roar, you won’t hear them coming.

Rebecca Paquette

South Kingstown

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