As of the time I submit this letter to the editor I do not know whether or not the citizens of our community will have approved or rejected Question 1. I do know however that this question has unfortunately divided the residents of our town more than I thought would have happened.

Although I am ardent supporter of Question 1, I want the citizens of our community to know that I respect for the fact that all elected officials answer to you. Therefore, regardless of the outcome I assure you that I will faithfully fulfill the will of the electorate.

Meaning that, although I am proponent of Question 1, if the question fails I will do my best to ensure that the $5 million previously allocated to renovate our historic town hall in the last election will be exclusively used to renovate that facility. Likewise, if Question 1 is approved I will do my best to implement the proposed plan to relocate all employees to 80 Boston Neck Road as designed by the architect hired by the last council. In doing so however I will certainly welcome supplemental community input to achieve this objective as well as accommodate all stakeholders to the extent possible.

I am writing this letter because the will of the people has not always been respected in other communities and I do not want to see that happen in our town. In fact, I do not believe it will happen. Rather, I believe our council will work cooperatively with one another and the public to carry out the will of the citizens of town. Thank you.

Greg Mancini

The author is president of the North Kingstown Town Council

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