In response to a recent letter opposing this hunting proposal I would like to offer a different perspective from someone who resides directly adjacent to the preserve.

While I can appreciate the concerns raised regarding the discharge of firearms in the preserve, consideration must be given to a limited bow hunting season in order to reduce the overpopulation of the deer herd.

Succinctly, those of us who neighbor the preserve daily see the effects of the unchecked deer population due to a lack of natural predators. Our neighborhoods are overrun with wasted and diseased deer due to lack of food sources. Additionally, we have to deal with deer constantly wandering our streets and representing a safety hazard to drivers. Lastly, those of us who maintain residences across from the preserve have to deal with the damage to our trees, shrubs and plantings, and the expense of repairing damaged landscaping and the cost of trying to protect our properties (This past winter we actually counted 17 deer in our yard one morning).

I simply suggest that reason has to be applied in reviewing this proposal in terms of its practical impact on those of us with properties abutting the preserve, and tempering blanket opposition with the impact of deer overpopulation on our properties.

Thomas and Linda Hines


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