NK Town Council President Greg Mancini likes to tout all the accomplishments under his time on the town council.  Perhaps the long laundry list he presents is meant to distract the voters from the truth as opposed to the spin Democrats like to use.

For example, he cites how he “Attained an AA+ Bond Rating for the town during my tenure.”  The truth is the town’s bond rating was AA+ before Mr. Mancini’s tenure as evidenced by the same rating given to the town in 2014 and 2015 during bond issues. So Mr. Mancini wants credit for work done before his time.

Similarly, he wants credit for the new athletic field at NKHS, even though the planning, financing, and approvals were done before he started on the council.  All he did was show up to the ribbon cutting.  He wants credit for “four years” of balanced budgets with surpluses when by law all towns in RI have to have balanced budgets and the town ran surpluses in the years prior as well.  

Even more egregious though is his claim about reducing tax rates - “Residential tax rate went from $18.06 in 2018 to $14.06 in 2022.”  So here’s a simple question for NK voters — have your property taxes gone *down* by the 22% he cites?  The answer is clearly and resoundingly “NO” — most homeowners have seen their property taxes increase despite the attempt to distract residents by touting a “homestead” exemption.  

But what has gone down? Something Mr. Mancini leaves off his list — average income of town households. According to the debt book posted on NK’s own town site, median family income in town has “weakened” since he took over as TC president in 2018.

Taxes up and income down is the real story. What’s also down is the town’s trust and confidence in the school system under progressive democrat control. Mr. Mancini touts commissioning a separate investigation, yet the council has not held a single joint meeting with the school to do anything with the findings. More show over substance.

Mr. Mancini makes the claim “and lastly, just as I have done in my first four years, I will always vote in the best interests of NK.”  

However, the recent decision — and given Mr. Mancini makes the decisions since the other two democrat councilors vote in lock step with Mr. Mancini’s wishes on every issue — to appoint an outsider to fill the school committee vacancy demonstrated the opposite.

Mancini put party and his own interest over students by appointing a fellow progressive democrat whose only experience as a city councilor in another state was characterized by the Democratic Mayor of that city as “disappointing” and part of a ‘racist” and “sexist” effort against her.  

Our residents and student deserve better.  

Jacqueline Alger

North Kingstown

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