The seventh annual Peace Dale Pumpkin Patch will open on Monday at 10 a.m. and remain open from 10 a.m. until dusk every day through October 31. The pumpkin patch is located on the front lawn of Peace Dale Congregational Church at 261 Columbia St. in Wakefield.

Folks who purchase fall pumpkins and gourds at the Peace Dale Pumpkin Patch are making a donation to Welcome House, our local homeless shelter. All net proceeds and donations go directly to Welcome House. Over the last six years, this community’s support of the Pumpkin Patch  has resulted in over $45,000 being donated to the Welcome House.

At noon on September 25, more than 5,000 different varieties of pumpkins and gourds will arrive at the Pumpkin Patch. There will be will be traditional orange  pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, as well as white, red, green, and grey heirloom  pumpkins, some with stripes or bumps. There will also be gourds of different varieties sizes and colors.

Prices will be the same as they were last year and start at one dollar. Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted

If you would like to be part of our unloading-the-pumpkins-brigade, you can join our high school, URI, and community effort on Sunday, September 25 at noon at Peace Dale Church.

Buy your Pumpkins With A Purpose at the Peace Dale Pumpkin Patch and support Welcome House and its mission to end homelessness in South County.

All Are Welcome.

Walter Young


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