In the midst of COVID-19, most high-school students like myself are studying away at home. In whatever free time is left, however, occupations are limited. Video games and television can get boring after a month.

Partially because of the modern attention span, we, the teens of North Kingstown, need more variety, more entertainment, and less quarantine.

It is for this reason that I petition the local government to reopen the library.

When someone reads a good book, he or she does not interact with other people. The whole attention is focused on a gripping plot or on fascinating facts, and the reader, wrapped in a bubble of words, ignores the world around them.

If the library were opened, visitors would still need extra measures of protection against it. Perhaps a popular idea with stores would work—a drive-through library. A hold or order could be placed on the desired books and a pick-up time stated. At the library door, upon the declaration of the visitor’s name, the books could be handed over, and the visitor dismissed, all within a few moments. On the due date, books can be put in the drop-off box. To protect the librarians, visitors and librarians could wear masks, and the six-feet social distancing recommendation would not be violated much, if at all, inside a large library.

A worker could even clean the book covers with sanitizing wipes.

Perhaps the librarians do not want to be stuck with a job like this. Maybe there will just be too many visitors wanting books. If this is the case, then good! Having a part-time job, as a volunteer or as a paid worker, collecting books and restocking returns would reduce the boredom of locals still more. I personally would love to help in this way, and I am sure many others would too.

Clara Shoemaker

North Kingstown

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