I strongly urge you to vote for Bob Hicks, who is running as an Independent for the South Kingstown School Committee. His experience as Superintendent of Schools at SK makes him highly qualified to serve our community on the School Committee.

I taught at South Kingstown High School (as Math Department Chair) during Bob’s tenure as Superintendent and I was the NEA-SK Vice President during part of that time. I saw first hand that Bob takes a collaborative approach in solving all problems. Whether settling contracts, balancing budgets, adopting Common Core Curriculum, or reconfiguring schools, Bob got all interested parties together (Town Council members, parents, teachers, other community members, whoever might have a stake in the outcome) and facilitated an outcome that was acceptable to everyone. He ensured that everyone involved had his/her voice heard and concerns addressed. Bob would be a most welcome addition to the School Committee.

The results of the referendum in September shows that SK is very divided. We need a School Committee that can bring all sides together. We need someone who has experience in financial management for schools (Bob successfully worked with the School Committee and Town Council to balance budgets while keeping per pupil spending under control), practices transparency (one example: Bob provided multiple opportunities for parents to meet and discuss the need to move 5th grade students to Broad Rock MS), and believes in open communication (Bob practices it).

I hope that you will vote for Bob Hicks on November 3rd. My children graduated from SK schools and, luckily for my family, my grandchildren are enrolled in SK schools: elementary, middle, and high school. I want a School Committee that is transparent and collaborative - one that provides our children a first class education that we can afford. I am confident that Bob is just that candidate.

Martha Spiewak

West Kingston

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