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Should SK's Superintendent be disciplined for releasing student information to a political group?

South Kingstown Superintendent of Schools Linda Savastano admitted this week that she was responsible for giving a political group student directory information that led to the names of South Kingstown students appearing on mailers sent to local households urging voters to support a now failed $85 million school facilities bond referendum held on May 4. In a statement released last Friday, Savastano denied any wrongdoing and said she followed department policy after received a request for the information on behalf of Friends of South Kingstown Schools. . “The request was not different in kind from requests I had received previously for directory information,” Savastano said in a June 11 statement. “Consistent with our prior practice and informed by SK policy, I provided directory information to Stacey Bodziony, the Friends of South Kingstown Schools contact. That ended my involvement with the disclosure of student information.” During Monday's Town Council Meeting, council president Abel Collins said addressed the matter and said the council's investigation will continue. “This is a good start to knowing how this all unfolded,” Collins said. “I think this whole thing could have been over a lot sooner if people had just come forward originally with this information. That being said, we’re not entirely satisfied we have all the information related to how this happened.” The council instructed solicitor Mike Ursillo to continue his investigation, and Collins said the council would share its subsequent findings with the community. With all that being said, do you believe Savastano should face discipline for her role in the mailer controversy? Let us know in this week's poll question below.

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