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Sisters Darilyn Campbell, left, and Marsha Kenyon have operated the Corner Cupboard in North Kingstown for three decades.

Maybe it’s the alliteration or the aesthetic, but autumn and antiquing are the perfect pair. With the beach season ending and the season of thankfulness and coziness beginning, a sense of nostalgia seems to permeate the minds of many. Venturing through an antique or thrift shop and discovering treasures that transport you to the halcyon days of your life can be an unforgettable experience. Luckily, South County boasts numerous places that serve as these portals where the past meets the present. Keeping in mind proper pandemic etiquette, take the time to venture into a few of them and you may just find something special.

One such place is Rusty Rabbit Antiques in Charlestown. The owners are a husband and wife duo, Steve and Sue Longolucco, who took the place over years ago when the previous owner decided to sell. They have since moved to their new location, but they are as dedicated as ever to helping new and old friends discover unique treasures. “I’m proud to say we have been called a favorite stop of summer visitors to the area as well as all our local friends,” Steve said.

They strive to carry an eclectic mix of antiques, collectibles and home decor items for their customers. For those planning on venturing out to do some antiquing this fall, the Longolucco’s offer the following advice, “plan to spend some time looking. Antique stores are usually stuffed with treasures, and you can easily miss that perfect piece.”

You can visit Rusty Rabbit Antiques at 5219 Old Post Rd., Charlestown and call them for up-to-date hours of operation and more information at 401-322-1111.

Another antiquing gem lies in the heart of historic downtown Wickford. Wickford Village Antiques & Collectibles has been in business for 21 years and is owned by twin sisters Pat Carlson of Narragansett and Pam Medeiros of Galilee. They began their journey after being inspired by their late friend Anthony “Cookie” Cook, who was an antiques dealer. Over the years their business has grown, and their shop boasts an impressive variety of offerings ranging from buttons and memorabilia to beautiful antique furniture, art, pottery, ephemera and collectibles.

Carlson and Medeiros recognize the timelessness of the things they sell, and they’ve noticed an insurgence of younger people seeking items that stand the test of time in today’s world of fast-paced consumerism. “I’ve been seeing a lot more interest [in antiquing] with young people lately. I believe they’re getting tired of buying things that are going to fall apart in no time. Most of our items have stood the test of time already,” said Carlson.

You can visit Pat, Pam and their shop at 93 Brown St., Wickford, and call them for up-to-date hours of operation and more information at 401-294-1117.

Don’t stop there, though, here are some more shops for you to discover as you search South County for timeless treasures.

Jules Antiques & General Store

When you walk into Jules Antiques & General Store you feel as though you have been transported to an old-timey mercantile complete with penny candy and old-fashioned soda. The 8,000 square-foot, rustic barn holds vintage wares from various vendors along with handmade items and collectors’ pieces. You can visit this shop at 320 Kingston Road/ Rt. 138, Richmond, and call them for up-to-date hours of operation and more information at 401-539-2925.

Phoenix Finds Antiques and Oddities

Situated in the heart of downtown Wakefield, the Phoenix Finds storefront is packed with rare vintage, antiques and collectible curiosities just waiting to be discovered. You can visit them and their shop at 233 Robinson St., Wakefield, and call them for up-to-date hours of operation and more information at 401-782-2210.

Jonnycake Centers of Westerly & Peace Dale

The Jonnycake Centers of Westerly and Peace Dale have an ever-changing inventory where you are sure to find something of interest. The thing that really makes these two stores stand out, though, is their dedication to serving the communities in which they reside. From their food pantries to a variety of classes teaching things like healthy cooking and offering financial services for those in need, the Jonnycake Centers of Westerly and Peace Dale are truly the heart of their communities. For more information about the Westerly center, visit www.jonnycake.org or call 401-377-8069. For more information about the Peace Dale center, visit jonnycakecenter.org or call 401-789-1559.

Consignments Ltd.

Serving the Wakefield area since 2006, Consignments Ltd. specializes in home décor and furnishings. One fun feature of this business is that most items decrease in price the longer they are in the store. So, if you find a bureau you love, look at the price tag and mark your calendar for when it gets discounted – if you are willing to take the gamble that is. You can visit Consignments Ltd. at 597 Kingstown Road, Wakefield, and call them for up-to-date hours of operation and more information at 401-284-3399.

Rè Antiques & Interiors

Rè Antiques & Interiors is filled with an array of fine treasures for shoppers to delight in. According to their website Rè believes “in the harmony of old and new. Carefully and intentionally curated by our owner, Heidi Stevens, our store in North Kingstown, RI mixes genres while paying close attention to the importance of scale and balance. Through this, Rè is able to bring antiques into a contemporary design setting that maintains relevance with current interior trends.”

You can visit Rè Antiques & Interiors at 7511 & 7512 Post Rd, North Kingstown, and call them for up-to-date hours of operation and more information at 401-667-5996.

Corner Cupboard

Corner Cupboard is another little shop that really transports you when you walk in. One of their special features is a little room to the right of where the main entrance is and across the way from the main shopping area where you can find discounted treasures. You can visit Corner Cupboard at 835 Tower Hill Road, North Kingstown, and call them for up-to-date hours of operation and more information at 401-294-4720.

Homespun Cottage Antiques & Collectibles

Homespun Cottage Antiques & Collectibles calls downtown Westerly its home, where it is situated among so many other delectable shops and eateries as well as the picturesque Wilcox Park. Homespun Cottage has been in business since 2002 and boasts a wide variety of interesting and difficult to find items for you to discover. They also have an adorable little mascot, a fluffy ginger cat named Lucy, who has her own Facebook fan page and is dubbed, according to their website, the “High Priestess of High Street.” You can visit Homespun Cottage Antiques & Collectables at 25 High St., Westerly, and call them for up-to-date hours of operation and more information at 401-348-9800.

The Book Garden

The Book Garden is a lovely corner shop in the heart of Historic Downtown Wickford that offers vintage samplings with a garden flare. Visitors are sure to find a unique treasure to add to their home or to gift to a loved one. You can visit The Book Garden at 99 Brown St., North Kingstown, and call them for up-to-date hours of operation and more information at 401-294-3285.

This time of year, as the autumn colors begin to consume the South County landscape and the holidays steadily approach, is the perfect time to reminisce about days gone by. Thankfully, this area boasts an array of antique and thrift shops to fill your weekends with treasure hunts and simple pleasures. Plus, shopping local and supporting the small businesses that are the heartbeat of the communities they call home truly reflects the spirit of this season of thankfulness.

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Thank you so much for the shoutout! [beam] We are proud to be part of South County's vintage and antiquing community. For those interested in the Jonnycake Center of Westerly, our website is www.jonnycake.org (no H).

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