Driving south on Tower Hill Road in Saunderstown, you might not realize the presence of a beautiful, three-story home that was once in service as a working farm, complete with poultry barn, cow barn and 13 stalls for horses. But that’s what can be found at 2595 Tower Hill Road, also known as Westmoreland Farm.

Built in 1934, the property encompasses 36 acres of farmland. Standing in the home’s study, which features a working fireplace and is surrounded by bookshelves, you can envision the boundless potential. “It was once a working dairy farm, chicken farm, horse farm. All the buildings are all here for it,” realtor Denise D’Amico says.

D’Amico says she loves properties like this because she worked with horses for years, and thinks this could be used as an equine estate, which would require a special use permit from the town. “They’re like a bed-and-breakfast where you bring a horse in, and you train for a week with a local trainer who’s qualified,” she says. “And then you go trail riding with your horse if you want, or in this case you go to the beaches. And we don’t have those in Rhode Island. This would be the perfect place for it.”

Stepping into the home at Westmoreland Farm is like stepping into the past. Moving through the foyer with a spiral staircase leading up to the second floor, the hallway opens into the study and an expansive dining room that also features a gorgeous, working fireplace. The living room boasts a large bow window, letting in light and allowing a view of the property.

A butler’s pantry opens into a beautiful and spacious chef’s kitchen that features modern appliances and gleaming granite countertops. Through the kitchen is access to a patio or porch, both offering views of the property.

Upstairs, seven bedrooms on the second and third floors offer a range of options for any prospective owner. A stairway from the kitchen goes up to what was likely the maid’s quarters, with smaller bedrooms than the palatial master bedroom. The master suite overlooks the grounds and includes a bathroom. On the third floor are two bedrooms and a bathroom.

While the house has been vacant for roughly four years, it has been maintained. “It’s a beautiful farmhouse, and it’s historic ... And I think it would best serve the purposes of one who would want to keep it as a horse farm,” says owner Angela Kumble, who inherited the home from her late husband. “It’s a beautiful, historic house on the inside. It’s quite lovely.” 

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