Narragansett’s Sea Grace can be yours – if you have $18.188 million to spare.

That price tag includes the estate’s Swarovski crystal doorknobs, a geothermal climate system and infinity-edge pool with ocean view. The house can withstand winds more than 140 mph, which could come in handy when sea gales buffet the 1.95-acre property, 35 feet above sea level.

With 11,257 square feet of living space spread out across four levels – not counting the 5,000-square-foot limestone terrace – Sea Grace is currently the most expensive piece of residential real estate on the market in Rhode Island. It sits at the end of a private drive, boasting five bedrooms, seven full bathrooms and five half bathrooms.

A listing for the estate describes it as “the perfect blend of classic seaside charm and state-of-the-art-technology,” while marketing materials note the recent purchases of Rhode Island homes by celebrities such as Jay Leno and Taylor Swift, as well as the area’s heritage as a summer getaway for some of the nation’s wealthiest families.

“Situated between New York and Boston, the Narragansett Bay area has attracted prominent figures for centuries, from great American business tycoons of the Gilded Age to modern day celebrities,” the listing reads. “The privacy, serenity and architectural beauty offered by Sea Grace make it a truly one-of-a-kind opportunity.”

The five-bedroom Beaux-Arts-style waterfront mansion occupies the former site of Whitehall, the 1917 summer home of Bromo-Seltzer inventor Isaac E. Emerson. Deemed a white elephant in the late 1960s, Whitehall was torn down in 1971.

In 2015, Sea Grace was built at the site by David Reiser, a Swansea, Massachusetts, native who has been executive director and financial advisor at the New York office of Morgan Stanley for more than a decade, and his wife, Andrea, a happiness coach who grew up in Narragansett. The Reisers also authored the book “Letters From Home: A Wake-Up Call for Success and Wealth” (Wiley, 2010). 

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