Photography by Polar Square Designs

Getting dirty on your wedding day is a no-no. So save the mess for another day when you can be a little wacky and not worry about ruining your bridal finery before the reception.

Kelly and Wyatt Clifford did just that with photographer Kate Taylor of Polar Square Designs. Ten months after their nuptials, the Pawtucket couple wore their wedding attire to Narragansett Beach for a trash-the-dress session photographed by Taylor. They strolled the beach at sunset, waded into the water, and rolled in the sand. “We didn’t want to be sandy or wet at our reception, so a trash-the-dress session allowed us to get some really amazing shots that we never could have gotten on our wedding day,” says Kelly, a cardiac nurse. “I had fun, and Wyatt did too, though I’m sure he wouldn’t admit it! The pictures we were able to capture exceeded my expectations. The colors, the sky, the sunset reflecting on the sea ... just incredible.”

As a wedding photographer, Taylor says she recognizes one thing constant in every wedding: a beautiful dress that every bride spent a great deal of time and effort choosing, only for it to be worn for a few short hours and then put away. “After my own wedding, I rode my horse in my wedding dress for a photo shoot. Weddings are so much work to plan and then fly by the day of the event, so it was a blast to feel like a bride one more time! I absolutely cherish the portraits the photographer took that day,” she says. “I loved the experience – and my dress did not get trashed!”

“Ultimately I want to give my Rock the Dress clients a memorable, fun, let-your-hair-down experience,” she adds. “When the flowers have wilted, the guests have gone home, and all of the wedding excitement has passed, who wouldn’t love the chance to get dressed up one more time and have some fun in their wedding gown? These are a ton of fun to photograph as there is none of the stress of the wedding day.”

No damage was done to the Cliffords’ attire – they rinsed the dress in the shower and had it professionally cleaned. “I think 10 pounds of sand came off it,” laughs Kelly. Now the images will be part of a photo wall in their home, as a permanent reminder of their fun post-wedding escapade.

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