“I remember when,” is a line heard from our elders quite often over the years. But not relating to these times. There have never been any quite like these.

We can draw similarities to other periods when we were forced to wait, perhaps recovering from an injury, returning from a long time away, or in anticipation of an upcoming experience. And through each we were forced to consider what we were learning and missing, along with what we would do differently going forward. Today is no different.

-Not seeing the sport played at the youth level feels like a part of us is missing. I look forward to seeing Little League parks filled again with players and spectators. It is just not spring and summer without it.

-Recognizing a new aspect of our lives, I expect video conferencing with friends and family will become commonplace. It has become a regular occurrence over the past many weeks and while not a substitute for being together, it fills a void. At the very least, it will sure be nice to have the choice.

-I have loved seeing young people playing, hopefully at a distance, in the streets and in their yards on a regular basis. While a direct contrast to my plea for the organized games to begin, it has brought back memories of earlier days, recollections of kids being creative in finding their own fun. It has been comforting to see.

-We desperately need some level of a high school spring sports season. I would almost term it a need versus a want. The thought of losing it completely is just so disheartening. Hopefully, we will have enough time for at least a condensed season with meaningful playoffs and the crowning of champions. While not all we wanted, we would take it as a compromise. Please let the games begin.

-The thought of social distancing on the beaches this summer is strange in its own right. Let’s hope by then this is under control enough to allow the gathering of beach goers. To say we need that escape would seem an understatement.

-While a bit off the beat of the column, I do look forward to seeing our local NBA team play again. Being great role models for teamwork, attitude, and leadership, our Boston Celtics are a rare breed in today’s game. They are an absolute pleasure to take in.

-I read on social media recently someone responding to a friend’s complaint about the opposing political party. The response pleaded for us all to come together and not pull apart. While wanting to be a million miles away from this virus and its effects on mankind, I will miss how we have united. We are amazing when our backs are to the wall. Keeping that same mindset when times are settled would be gratifying.

-When the doors to our local small businesses open, it will be a wonderful day. Like you, I am sure, walking through our towns and driving down our streets, it hurts knowing business owners and their employees are being hit so hard. The day the doors swing open cannot come soon enough.

-Revisiting professional sports, what a strange new world we will witness come September in Foxboro. But I have a sense the Patriots will again find their way into the playoffs. Or maybe their missing the post season is just beyond our ability to consider.

-And I already have my Tampa Bay Buccaneers cap. We can root for two teams, can’t we, especially in different conferences? All the best to TB. We can’t say we hardly knew you. In fact, you invented the Patriots Invitational, played the first weekend of every February. What a ride.

-There must be some way to offer a level of adequate closure for our graduating seniors at the high school and college levels. There must be a way.

-I heard comments that my previously suggested three-foot diameter around the golf hole was a bit extreme for speeding up play. Good point. Make it one-foot diameter. That ought to do it.

-With all my available time, I have organized and reorganized my garage and done the same, with yet one more level of organization, to the basement. More shrubs have been planted than I have ever done in my lifetime. With it warming and all the extra time, I am considering projects I have no ability to properly complete. One more reason to hope ordinary days are right around the corner.

Continued thoughts and prayers to everyone during these extraordinary times. Hopefully there are some positives to be found in the midst of it all, even as simple as gaining a new perspective on aspects of our lives. We look for small victories in the midst of hardship. That would certainly be one.

Bill Barry is a North Kingstown resident. He writes about the local sports scene, sports parenting and more in a regular column.

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